Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sophie's Entourage - Part 2

 Our Little Angel is growing!

 One of Sophie's many smiles

 Story time

 Sophie's first boat ride

Sophie loves balloons and playing with Daddy

Sophie continues to do relatively well.  She is smiling more and more, but it has been difficult to capture them in photos (she gets very focused on the camera).  We continue to take Sophie for lots of walks in the neighborhood, and have found that her favorite place to go is Walgreens, probably due to all of the colors.   Sophie has also been enjoying Elmo and Baby Einstein TV, reading colorful books, playing with her new toys, and watching the family dog Bella.  Sophie becomes most vocal when watching the coverage on the debt ceiling and yells at the TV because she is sick of hearing about it (she really does babble loudly during the coverage).

Sophie had her 4 month check-up a few weeks ago and is tipping the scales at almost 11 pounds (5th percentile...what a fatty).  The hospice nurse continues to make weekly visits to check Sophie's health and answer our questions.  So far, her health has been great and she has not caught a cold.  In the future, we expect to see her muscles weaken even more, and she will be more prone to pneumonia, which is generally what takes the lives of SMA babies.  When that time comes, there are medications that can help keep her comfortable.  In the meantime, we are doing everything we can to spoil our Sophie!!!

We have had lots of visitors to meet our little sweetie...she is so loved!  The following are additional pictures of Sophie's entourage:
Tricia and Greyson

Great Grandma TerHorst
Great Uncle Dave and Aunt Barb (above), The Potgetters (below)

Great Aunt Sharon

Great Aunt Laura

Tricia and Caden

The Petrosky's

Andrew and Shana

The LeTarte's

The Belaire Cousins

Great Aunt Deb (Uncle Greg too)

Cousin Sharon and Glenn
Adam and Natalie