Monday, May 16, 2011

Sophie's Entourage - Part I

Here are some of my favorite people:


Eric B.

Nurse Lynda

Chelsea and Alex

Juli and Andy

The Walker Family

Aunt Katie

Tim and Norah

Monica and Norah

Uncle David, Aunt Janet, Emma

Craig, Cara, and Noelle (Sophie not pictured)

The Oatleys

Cheryl Davis and Family

Zoe and Tag

Uncle Brad and Aunt Jenny

Carla and Joel

Katie and Jim

Cousin Zoe

Great Grandma Gerber

Aunt Cookie

Cousin Harper and Aunt Breanne

4 Generations

Uncle Joel

Uncle Craig

Cousin Harper

Grandpa Fortuna

Grandpa Terhorst

Grandma Terhorst

Sarah, Ryan, and cousin Beech-Sobczak

Kimmie V.

Catie and Andrew

Nonnie, AKA Grandma Fortuna



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  1. We love your beautiful family,

    Nancy & Dad