Thursday, October 20, 2011

7 Months Old!

On October 12th, Sophie turned 7 months old!  It's amazing how much she changes month to month...though her strength is slowly decreasing, her mind is advancing rapidly!  Sophie knows that she is 'in charge' and lets us know in her own way if she wants something.  At the same time, she does this in the sweetest way possible:)

For Sophie's 7 month birthday, we celebrated by going to a pumpkin patch.  Though it isn't Halloween yet, we decided to dress her up anyways.

She's ready to go!

Biggest pumpkin ever?

Sophie picked a good pumpkin to bring home

Checking out the animals

Sophie may have been a little scared of this guy

And she's out after a short trip to the pumpkin patch!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the special experiences and outings you do with Sophie. She is so precious!!!!

    HUGS from Tina, Ally and the Krajewski Family